Farrell Agencies Arena

Yorkton is a city of about 15,000 in eastern Saskatchewan, Canada.


  1. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1958-1958) withdrew due to lack of players
  2. (Prairie Senior Hockey League, 1971-1972) revert to junior status when league collapses
  1.  (Southern Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1937-1938) join SSHL
  2. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League,1938-1943) disbanded at start of 1943-44 season
  3. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1953-1954)
  4. only senior team in province for 1954-1955 was part of Northeastern Saskatchewan Hockey League, 1954-1955) which was an intermediate league
  5. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1958-1965) join PSHL
  6. (Prairie Senior Hockey League, 1965-1967) join WCSHL
  7. (Western Canada Senior Hockey League 1967-1971) join PSHL as Millers
  1. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1955-1956)
  2.  (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1972-Present)



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