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Woodstock is a city located about 130 kilometers southwest of Toronto in the Canadian province of Ontario. It has a population of about 35,000.


  • Woodstock
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association Junior, 1899-1909, 1910-1916, 1917-1925, 1926-1927, 1929-1933)
  2. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior, 1905-1906)
  3. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior B, 1929-1930) move to Intermediate A
  4. (Ontario Hockey Association Jr. A,1933-1934)
  5. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1950-1951) return to OHA Sr. B
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1967-1968) revert to Athletics name
  2. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1969-1970) revert to Athletics name again
  1. (OntariOntario Hockey Association Senior B, 1947-1950)
  2. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1960-1967) renamed Alcans
  3. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1968-1969) renamed Alcans again
  4. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1970-1971)  renamed Royals?
  1. (Continental Senior A Hockey League, 1978-1980) join OHA Sr. A
  2. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1980-1985)
  1. (Ontario Hockey Association Senior A, 1971-1972) join WOSBHL
  2. (Western Ontario Senior B Hockey League, 1972-1973) league renamed
  3. (Continental Senior B Hockey League, 1973-1975) league renamed
  4. (Continental Senior A Hockey League, 1975-1978) renamed Gems



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