Women's ice hockey in Sweden had 3,425 players in 2011.[1] The Riksserien (national Series), organized by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, is the elite league of women's ice hockey. There are also a number of teams in the Division one which in turn is divided in regions north, west, east, south A and south B.


The first league was created in 1987, and is called Division 1. This league had a variable number of teams distributed in some small regional leagues, followed by a national playoff. During the 2007–08 season, the best Division 1 teams qualified for the new league Riksserien which became the top tier league, while the Division 1 became the second level of the women's hockey in Sweden.

Riksserien is composed of eight teams. They face every opponent in four games, twice at home and twice away. The first two teams qualify for the semi-finals. The teams classified in third to sixth place have a playoff qualifying round which takes place in three matches. The semi-finals, the match for the third place and final depend on a simple match. The seventh and eighth teams face the top two from Division 1 to stay in Riksserien or to Division 1.



Season Winner in the championship Finalist Score The third (consolation)
Division 1
1987–88 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 11–0 MODO Hockey
1988–89 Nacka HK MODO Hockey 3–2 Alvesta SK
1989–90 Nacka HK Alvesta SK 7–0 FoC Farsta
1990–91 Nacka HK Alvesta SK 9–0 FoC Farsta
1991–92 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 3–1 Brynäs IF
1992–93 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 4–3 Vallentuna BK
1993–94 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 3–0 Brynäs IF
1994–95 Foc Farsta Nacka HK 5–1 Västerhaninge IF
1995–96 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 6–5 Västerhaninge IF
1996-97 Foc Farsta Västerhaninge IF 4–3 Nacka HK
1997–98 Nacka HK FoC Farsta 3–0 Veddige HK
1998–99 M/B Hockey AIK IF 8–1 MODO Hockey
1999–00 M/B Hockey AIK IF 4–3 Veddige HK
2000–01 M/B Hockey AIK IF 6–3 MODO Hockey
2001–02 M/B Hockey MODO Hockey 9–1 AIK IF
2002–03 M/B Hockey AIK IF 7–3 MODO Hockey
2003–04 AIK IF Limhamn Limeburners HC 5–2 M/B Hockey
2004–05 M/B Hockey AIK IF 4–3 MODO Hockey
2005–06 M/B Hockey MODO Hockey 2–1 Örebro HK
2006–07 AIK IF Segeltorps IF 2–1 MODO Hockey
2007–08 Segeltorps IF AIK IF 5–2 MODO Hockey
2008–09 AIK IF Segeltorps IF 5–0 MODO Hockey
2009–10 Segeltorps IF Brynäs IF 6–0 MODO Hockey
2010–11 Segeltorps IF Brynäs IF 2–1 OT MODO Hockey
2011–12 MODO Hockey Brynäs IF 1–0 Segeltorps IF
2012–13 AIK IF Brynäs IF 2–1  ?

Medal CountEdit

  • Updated through 2011–12
Team Golden medal Silver medal bronze meda Total
1 Nacka HK 9 1 0 10
2 M/B Hockey 7 0 1 8
3 AIK IF 3 5 1 9
4 Segeltorps IF 3 2 1 6
5 FoC Farsta 2 6 2 10
6 MODO Hockey 1 3 9 13
7 Brynäs IF 0 3 2 5
8 Alvesta SK 0 2 1 3
9 Västerhaninge IF 0 1 2 3
10 Limhamn Limeburners HC 0 1 0 1
11 Veddige HK 0 0 2 2
12 Vallentuna BK 0 0 1 1
- Örebro HK 0 0 1 1
- Linköpings HC 0 0 1 1

Teams 2010-11 Edit

Riksserien Edit

Division I Region South A Edit

Division I Region South B Edit

Division I Region West Edit

Division I Region East Edit

Division I Region North Edit


The following are IIHF tournaments that were hosted in Sweden.

Event Location Finish
2003 4 Nations Cup SkovdeFourth
2004-05 IIHF European Women's Champions Cup SolnaBronze medal icon Gold for AIK IF
2005 Women's World Ice Hockey ChampionshipsLinköping, Norrköping Bronze medal icon Bronze[2]
2005-06 IIHF European Women's Champions Cup SolnaBronze medal icon Gold for AIK IF
2006-07 IIHF European Women's Champions Cup KatrineholmBronze medal icon Gold for AIK IF
2007 4 Nations Cup LeksandFourth
2007-08 IIHF European Women's Champions Cup Vallentuna Bronze medal icon Gold for AIK IF
2011 IIHF World Women's U18 Championship Stockholm, SwedenNo medal

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