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With the growth and popularity of women's ice hockey in the late 1990's and 2000's, numerous trading card companies have featured women's ice hockey players on trading cards.

Manon RheaumeEdit

After playing an exhibition game with the expansion Tampa Bay Lightning in autumn 1992, Classic Games released a card of Manon Rheaume in its 1992-93 Classic Draft Picks set. Her card number was 59 and this is considered the first ever trading card of Manon Rheaume.

Card number Brand
59 1992-93 Classic Draft Picks
1 1992-93 Classic Presidential
No # 1993-94 Classic Draft Picks (Promo card)
129 1994 Classic
239 1994 Classic
250 1994 Classic
65 2008-09 Upper Deck NHL Legends Masterpieces set

1997-98 Collector's ChoiceEdit

In anticipation of the first women's ice hockey tournament at the upcoming 1998 Winter Olympics, Upper Deck featured Canadian women's ice hockey players in its 1997-98 Collector's Choice hockey card set.

Card number Player
276 Angela James
277 Nancy Drolet
278 Lesley Reddon
279 Hayley Wickenheiser
280 Vicky Sunohara
281 Cassie Campbell
282Geraldine Heaney
283 Judy Diduck
284 France St. Louis
285 Danielle Goyette
286 Therese Brisson
287 Stacy Wilson
288 Danielle Dube
289 Jayna Hefford
290 Luce Letendre
291 Lori Dupuis
292 Rebecca Fahey
293 Fiona Smith
294 Laura Schuler
295 Karen Nystrom

2007-08 O Canada Base Card ChecklistEdit

The 2007-08 O Canada set was released by In The Game Trading Cards. The set featured the Under 18 men's team, the Canadian men's junior team and the National Women's team.

Card number Player
22 Carla MacLeod
23 Caroline Ouellette
24 Charline Labonté
25 Cheryl Pounder
26 Colleen Sostorics
27 Danielle Goyette
28 Delaney Collins
29 Gillian Apps
30 Gillian Ferrari
31 Gina Kingsbury
32 Hayley Wickenheiser
33 Jayna Hefford
34 Jennifer Botterill
35 Katie Weatherston
36 Kelly Bechard
37 Kim St-Pierre
38 Meghan Agosta
39 Sarah Vaillancourt
40 Tessa Bonhomme
41 Vicky Sunohara
79 Cassie Campbell
80 Manon Rheaume
82 Danielle Goyette and Vicky Sunohara
83Hayley Wickenheiser and Jennifer Botterill
89Charline Labonte and Kim St. Pierre
90 Cassie Campbell and Manon Rheaume

2009-10 Canadian national teamEdit

Various members of the national team are featured in the 2009-10 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Card set, distributed by Upper Deck.[4] The checklist is as follows:

MariePhilipPoulin OPeeCheeCard

2009-10 O-Pee-Chee hockey card of Marie-Philip Poulin.

Card number Player
CB-BK Becky Kellar
CB-CLCharline Labonté
CB-CMCarla MacLeod
CB-COCaroline Ouellette
CB-CSColleen Sostorics
CB-CWCatherine Ward
CB-GAGillian Apps
CB-GFGillian Ferrari
CB-GKGina Kingsbury
CB-HIHaley Irwin
CB-HWHayley Wickenheiser
CB-JBJennifer Botterill
CB-JHJayna Hefford
CB-KSKim St-Pierre
CB-MAMeghan Agosta
CB-MMMeaghan Mikkelson
CB-MPMarie-Philip Poulin
CB-RJRebecca Johnston
CB-SSShannon Szabados
CB-SVSarah Vaillancourt

World of SportEdit

  • World of Sport was a 2010 release from Upper Deck featuring athletes from numerous sports. Members of the Canadian Under 18 squad that captured gold at the 2010 IIHF Under-18 World Championships were featured in the card series.[5] The card also included former Olympians.

Under 18 teamEdit

Card number Player
159 Sarah Davis
160 Hannah Armstrong
161 Jillian Saulnier
162 Laurie Kingsbury
163 Melodie Daoust
164 Jamie Lee Rattray
165 Jenna McParland
166 Kelly Terry
167 Emily Fulton
168 Christine Bestland
169 Carly Mercer
170 Jessica Campbell
171 Hayleigh Cudmore
172 Brigette Lacquette
173 Erin Ambrose
174 Cassandra Poudrier
175 Caitlin MacDonald
176 Shannon Doyle
177 Carmen MacDonald
178 Erica Howe


Card number Player
236 Jennifer Botterill
237 Cassie Campbell
238 Cammie Granato
240 Hayley Wickenheiser
242 Julie Chu
246 Natalie Darwitz
248 Kim St-Pierre

2011 Goodwin championsEdit

Card number Player
49 Cammi Granato
75 Hayley Wickenheiser

2013-14 Upper Deck Series 1 hockeyEdit

Card number Player
GWJ-MS Mandi Schwartz

2013-14 Panini Crown RoyaleEdit

Fans of the Game subsetEdit

  • Print run is 99 per card
Card number Player
1 Tessa Bonhomme
2 Chantal Sutherland-Kruse
5 Melanie Collins
9 Jennifer Botterill
10 Meghan Duggan
11 Julie Chu
12 Meghan Agosta
14 Audrina Patridge
15 Katrina Bowden

2013-14 Topps US Olympic Paralympic setEdit

Card number Player
51 Hilary Knight
53 Jocelyne Lamoureux
54Monique Lamoureux

2014-15 Upper Deck Team Canada JuniorsEdit

Card number Player
63 Hayley Wickenheiser
64 Courtney Birchard
65 Tessa Bonhomme
66 Bailey Bram
67 Sarah Vaillancourt
68 Meghan Agosta-Marciano
69 Gillian Apps
70 Melodie Daoust
71 Laura Fortino
72 Jayna Hefford
73 Haley Irwin
74 Brianne Jenner
75 Rebecca Johnston
76 Charline Labonte
77 Genevieve Lacasse
78 Jocelyne Larocque
79 Meaghan Mikkelson
80 Caroline Ouellette
81 Marie-Philip Poulin
82 Lauriane Rougeau
83 Natalie Spooner
84 Shannon Szabados
85 Jennifer Wakefield
86 Catherine Ward
87 Tara Watchorn
140 Brianne Jenner
141 Charline Labonte
142 Caroline Ouellette
143 Catherine Ward
144 Hayley Wickenheiser
145 Jayna Hefford
146 Gillian Apps
147 Meghan Agosta-Marciano
148 Natalie Spooner
149 Rebecca Johnston
150 Shannon Szabados


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