The Women’s Ice Sledge Hockey International Jamboree is an international ice sledge hockey tournament for women.


The first tournament was held in Philadelphia from May 9 to 14, 2012, and consisted of only three teams.[1] The United States, the Canadian national women's ice sledge hockey team, and Team Europe.

  • Team Europe formed a female Ice Sledge Hockey team in 2011. Three training camps across the continent were held to decide the team roster. Five of its players hail from Norway, four from Holland, one from Germany and one from Great Britain.
  • Canada's team was coached by Keith Metzger, and its captain was Andrea Grenier from Windsor, Ontario.
  • The United States were coached by Shawna Davidson and Rose Babst, whose captain was Christy Gardner.

Tournament scoringEdit

  • At the 2012 tournament, Ashley Goure of Canada established herself as an elite ice sledge hockey player. In her first game against Team Europe, Goure scored a hat trick for an 8-0 win. In the second game, Goure would score a goal in a loss to the United States.[2] On the second day of competition, Goure played in two games, a 5-0 shutout over USA, and a 4-1 triumph over Team Europe. She would score a goal in both contests.


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