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Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Winston Tower.

Winston-Salem is a city of about 227,000 people in central North Carolina, United States. Its metro area has a population of almost 470,000.


Atlantic Coast Hockey League (1981-1982) relabeled as Winston-Salem Thunderbirds
East Coast Hockey League (1988-1989) relabeled as Winston-Salem Thunderbirds
Southern Professional Hockey League (2007-March 3, 2009) folded
United Hockey League (1997-1999) became Adirondack IceHawks
Southern Hockey League (1995-1996) folded
Atlantic Coast Hockey League (2002-November 30, 2002) moved to St. Petersburg, FL
Southern Hockey League (1973-January 7, 1977) folded
Southern Professional Hockey League  (2004-2005) folded
Atlantic Coast Hockey League (1982-1987) join All-American Hockey League
East Coast Hockey League (1989-1992) became Wheeling Thunderbirds
South East Hockey League (2003-2004) folded
Northern Professional Hockey League (2011-2012) league never played, but team was listed on leagues website until the site was taken down between late August and early September 2012


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