The Western Washington High School Hockey League (WWHSHL) is the league in which the high school hockey teams west of the cascade mountains play. Since ice hockey is not a sanctioned sport in the state of Washington, the WWHSHL is an independant league, and is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with the schools themselves.

Team FormatEdit

As hockey grows in popularity in the state of Washington, more and more teams are comprised of players from single schools. At the moment though, it is common for a single team to be made up of players from 2-4 schools. The team with the largest overall student population is Meadowdale. As it is made up of four schools (Meadowdale, Mariner, Mountlake Terrace, and Kamiak), it has an overall student population hovering around 8,000.

Playoff and State Championship FormatEdit

At the end of the playoffs, the champion in each division plays the champion in their division from the Tri-Cities High School Hockey League (TCHSHL), which determines the state champions for both Division 1 and Division 2.

Division 1 TeamsEdit

Division 2 TeamsEdit

  • Bothell [2] (Bothell/Jackson)
  • Edmonds-Woodway (Edmonds-Woodway/Kings)
  • Monroe
  • Skyline

Past ChampionsEdit

Division 1Edit

2007 - Federal Way
2006 - Bothell (Bothell/Kamiak/Jackson)
2005 -
2004 - Shoreline (Shorecrest/Shorewood)

Division 2Edit

2007 - Bothell (Bothell/Jackson)

2006 - Bothell



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