Viliam Chovanec
Position forward
Shot left
6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
187 lb (85 kg)
Teams HK Dragons Presov (Slovak Extraliga)
HKM Zvolen (Slovak Extraliga)
Banska Bystrica (Slovak 1.Liga)
HK Nitra (Slovak Extraliga)
EV Ravensburg (Oberliga)
KHL Medvešcak (CRO/SLV)
KTH Krynica (Ekstraklasa)
World Championships Flag of Croatia 2006 WC DI
Flag of Croatia 2007 WC DII
Flag of Croatia 2008 WC DI
Nationality Flag of Slovakia Slovak
Flag of Croatia Croatian
Born April 4th 1973,
Pro Career 19942008

Viliam Chovanec (b. April 4th 1973 in Slovakia) is a retired professional forward. Born in Slovakia, Chovanec acquired the Croatian nationality in his career.

Chovanec played in three World Championships with the Croatian National Team, in 2006 WC DI, 2007 WC DII and 2008 WC DI.

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