Sir Victor Hubert Tait (July 8, 1892 – November 27, 1988) was a Canadian-born soldier and airman who served with the Royal Canadian Engineers, the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Air Force, and the Egyptian Air Force. He represented Great Britain at ice hockey in the 1928 Winter Olympics. In later life he was an executive of BOAC.

Early lifeEdit

Tait was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the son of Samuel Tait, and received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba.[1]


During World War I, Tait served initially in the Royal Canadian Engineers, then from 1917 with the Royal Flying Corps. He transferred to the new Royal Air Force, then in the 1930s was seconded to the Egyptian Air Force. In 1937, he was promoted Group Captain. Returning to the RAF, during World War II, he was Director of Radar and Director-General of Signals at the Air Ministry. In 1940, he was promoted to Air Commodore and to Air Vice-Marshal in 1942, retiring the service in 1945. He then joined the British Overseas Airways Corporation, and from 1945 to 1956 was its operations director.


Tait represented Great Britain at ice hockey and competed in the 1928 Winter Olympics, the British team finishing fourth in the Olympic ice hockey tournament of 1928.

He was president of the British Ice Hockey Association from 1958 to 1971.

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