Vectis Tigers
Vectis Tigers logo
City: Ryde, Isle Of Wight, England
League: ENIHL
Founded: 2007
Head Coach: Roy Meadows
Captain: Micheal Palin

The Vectis Tigers are an amateur English ice hockey team from the Isle of Wight, they are currently in pool A of the southern conference of the ENIHL. Although no promotion or relegation system exists between the leagues (apart from between the two ENIHL divisions), the ENIHL is seen as the third tier of English ice hockey. The Isle of Wight also have a team in the EPIHL called the Wightlink Raiders although they play at the same arena the teams currently are not linked in any way.


At the end of the 2006/2007 hockey season the EIHA (English Ice Hockey Association) made a decision that the current junior ice hockey format in England needed updating. After much discussion it was agreed that juniors would now end at 'under 18s'. This left many Junior players across the country with a sudden loss of teams to play for. Players not good enough for the English Premier League (EPIHL) but who didn't just want to play Recreational (Rec) hockey were left with only one choice but to play in the ENIHL (Formally English Division 1). Roy Meadows along with the help and support of Campbell MacFarlane as well as many other committed helpers formed the basis of what became the Vectis Tigers. It also gave the chance for many Isle of Wight Wildcats players to contiune playing Ice Hockey on the Isle of Wight

After a failed attempt a few years previous of bringing an ED1 team to the Isle of Wight, it was great news in July 2007 it was announced the Vectis Tigers had been accepted to play in the Southern group of the ENL.

The Tigers did not have the best of starts to their history, losing their first 15 games of their opening season. However, there have been moments where the Tigers have pound for pound matched some of the better teams in the league. On February 17th 2008, the Vectis Tigers recorded their first competitive win in the clubs history, beating namesakes the Telford ENL Tigers 5-2 in the last game of the season.


The first names for the 2008-2009 roster were announced 08/08/08 and include returnees Micheal Treadwell and 2007-2008s players player Aaron Taylor joined by former Solihull Barons player Elliott Foley. Micheal Palin and Joe Osborne return as Captain and Alternate respectively while Ex-Wightlink Raiders player Steve Gosset makes the move down to the ENL to concentrate on his studying.

Team RosterEdit

Coaching StaffEdit

  • Head Coach Flag of the United Kingdom Roy Meadows #25


  • #91 Flag of the United Kingdom Aaron Taylor
  • #?? Flag of the United Kingdom Aaron Knight


  • #03 Flag of the United Kingdom Rowen Salter
  • #08 Flag of the United Kingdom Micheal Squibb
  • #09 Flag of the United Kingdom Adam Rich
  • #12 Flag of the United Kingdom Niall Bound
  • #18 Flag of Canada Scott Carter Non EIHA Trained
  • #21 Flag of the United Kingdom Joe Osborne (A)


  • #06 Flag of the United Kingdom Richard Nembard
  • #10 Flag of the United Kingdom Ricky Attrill
  • #17 Flag of the United Kingdom Thomas Eklund
  • #19 Flag of the United Kingdom Martin Goddard
  • #32 Flag of the United Kingdom Tony Blaize
  • #33 Flag of Canada Jason Coles
  • #68 Flag of the United Kingdom Mike Palin - Captain
  • #73 Flag of the United Kingdom Chris Randell
  • #81 Flag of the United Kingdom Jamie Lee
  • #94 Flag of Sweden Dan Giden EIHA Trained

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