Varese Killer Bees
City: Varese, Lombardy, Italy
Founded: 2006
Home Arena: PalAlbani (cap.: 5,000)
Colors: White, blue, yellow and black
Owner(s): Matteo Cesarini
Head Coach: Ilkka Suominen
Playoff Championships: 1 Swiss 4.Liga

Varese Killer Bees is an ice hockey team located in the city of Varese, Italy.


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All-time recordEdit

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Season League Regular season Playoffs Head coach
GP W L T PTS GF GA Standing Result Head coach
2006-07 Serie C 3rd in Serie C Gianfranco Odino
2007-08 Serie interregionale 2nd in Serie interregionale Diego Odino
Ales Tomasek
2008-09 Swiss 4.Liga 1st in Swiss 4.Liga Gr. 1 Est John Cacciatore
2009-10 Swiss 3.Liga 1st in Swiss 3.Liga Gr. 1A Est John Cacciatore
2010-11 Swiss 3.Liga 2nd in Swiss 3.Liga Gr. 1A Est John Cacciatore
2011-12 Swiss 3.Liga 3rd in Swiss 3.Liga Gr. 1A Est John Cacciatore
2012-13 Swiss 3.Liga 10th in Swiss 3.Liga Gr. 1A Est Alessandro Benin
Ilkka Suominen
2013-14 Swiss 3.Liga

Varese Killer Bees seasons

2006-07 | 2007-08 | 2008-09 | 2009-10 | 2010-11 | 2011-12 | 2012-13 | 2013-14 | 2014-15


  • 2006-2012 - Marta Bianchi
  • 2012-oggi Matteo Cesarini

Head coachesEdit

Notable playersEdit

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