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The Valley Senior Hockey League operated under the authority of the Maritimes Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) and the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA). Its teams were eligible for the Allan Cup except in 1949-50.

This league was centered in north-central Nova Scotia. The main member teams came from Kentville, Wolfville, and Windsor as well as Acadia University in Wolfville.

The league ran from the 1920's to 1940-41 before ceasing operations for World War II. It then operated from 1946-47 to 1954-55.

After a year off it became an intermediate league in 1956-57.

League ChampionsEdit

Teams (1929-1941)Edit

Acadia University Axemen (1928-1941)

Kentville Commercials (1928-1931) replaced by Wildcats

Windsor Maple Leafs (1929-1941)

Wolfville Cohorts (1929-1935) renamed Falcons

Kentville Wildcats (1931-1937) Join Eastern Nova Scotia Senior Hockey League

Canning Habitants (1934-1935)

Port Williams Ports (1934-1940)

Wolfville Falcons (1935-1936) renamed Sunocos

Wolfville Sunocos (1936-1938) join Eastern Nova Scotia Senior Hockey League as Cohorts

Canning (1938-1939)

Wolfville Cohorts (1939-1941)

Kentville Wildcats (1940-1941)

Teams (1946-1955)Edit

Kentville Wildcats (1946-1955) folded

Windsor Red Devils (1946-1947) folded

Berwick Bruins (1946-1947) folded?

Wolfville Red Wings (1946-1949) folded

Windsor Training School (1946-1947) dropped out during season

Acadia University Axemen (1947-1954) withdrew

Windsor Maple Leafs (1947-1955) disbanded, reorganized 1959

Wolfville Falcons (1949-1955) folded

Dartmouth Chebuctos (1950-1951) folded?

See alsoEdit

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