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The Upper Ottawa Valley League had been operating successfully since 1898. It was therefore inevitable that a junior league would be started when junior hockey started up in the Ottawa District in the late 1920's.

The junior league actually started up in 1929-30 with the three core cities - Pembroke, Arnprior, & Renfrew. It continued through the 1936-37 season with these teams - except for 1932-33 when Arnprior did not have a team.

In 1937-38 the Perth Juniors, later to be the Perth Blue Wings, along with Carleton Place joined with Renfrew and Pembroke to round out the league. In 1938-39 Perth, Renfrew, & Pembroke left to set up the Junior Big Four with the Brockville Wonder Kings. The league restarted in 1939-40 with Carleton Place again in the league. The league then took a hiatus until after World War II.

It was a Junior A league in 1945-46 and then did not operate until 1947-48 when it was Junior B. It then continued as Junior B.

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