The United States Amateur Hockey Association (USAHA) was an ice hockey league that ran from 1920 to 1925 in the northeastern and mid-western parts of the United States.

It was formed on October 25, 1920 to take over control of American ice hockey from the International Skating Union. A league was formed with three groups:

Group 1 (East)

Group 2 (Central)

Group 3 (West)

The league was ostensibally amateur. But increasingly, Canadian players came down to join these teams. They would, of course, be paid in some way.

The league's playoff champions were awarded the Fellowes Cup.

The USAHA was a victim of its own success. The admission of the Boston Bruins in 1924 and the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1925 to the National Hockey League took away two of its best cities. The league played its last season in 1924-25. The remaining teams in the western section formed a new league - the Central Hockey League. This became the American Hockey Association in 1926-27.

Fellowes Cup championsEdit

List of seasonsEdit

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