Truro is a town of about 11,000 people in central Nova Scotia, Canada.

Hockey in TruroEdit

  • 2001 World Under 17 Hockey Championships (Co-hosted with New Glasgow)


  1. Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1922-1930) join ENSL
  2. (Eastern Nova Scotia League, 1927-1928) join New Eastern League aka Nova Scotia Senior Hockey League
  3. (Nova Scotia Senior Hockey League, 1927-32) join Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League
  4. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1932-1936)
  5. (Nova Scotia Hockey League, 1937-1939) join Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League
  6. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1939-1944) sit out 1 season
  7. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1945-1946) join Maritime Senior Hockey League
  8. (Maritime Senior Hockey League, 1946-1948) rejoin Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League
  9. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1949-1955)
  1. (Independent team playing in Maritime Junior Playoffs (1931-32, 32-33, 34-35, 35-36)
  2. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Junior B Hockey League, 1967-1968) join MVJHL
  3. (Metro Valley Junior Hockey League, 1968-1983) withdrew early in 1983-1984 season
  4. (Mainland Junior B Hockey League, 1983-1991) withdrew
  5. (Maritime Junior A Hockey League, 1997-2010) see MHL
  6. (Maritime Hockey League, 2010-2014) see MJAHL
  7. (Maritime Junior A Hockey League, 2014-Present)



Allan CupEdit



Truro Town League

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