The Toronto R & AA were a senior team in Toronto, Ontario. They won the Ontario Hockey Association senior title in 1912-13 & 1913-14 and both times did not challenge for the Allan Cup.

In 1914-15 they played as the Toronto Victorias.

They also had a junior team in 1914-15.

What R & AA stands for is disputed. Some say "Rugby & Athletic Association"; others say "Rowing & Athletic Association." Using simply "R & AA" is accepted.

According to a letter from John (Jack) H. Brown (Captain of the 1913 winning team) to his grandson in which he bequeathed his diamond studded "hockey stick" tie pin (awarded to members of the winning team), R & AA, stands for "Rugby & Athletic Association".

Senior Season-by-Season RecordsEdit

Season Games Won Lost Tied Points Goals
1912-13 6 6 0 0 12 - - 1st/Group 2Won Final, Did not challenge
1913-14 6 5 1 0 10 25 28 1st/Group 2Won Final, Did not challenge
1915-16 11 0 11 0 0 21 61 4th/Group 2out of playoffs
1916-17 11 6 5 0 12 - - 2nd/Group 2Aout of playoffs

Junior TeamEdit

The R & AA finished 3rd in Group 5 in the 1914-15 OHA Junior Season.

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