The Toronto All Stars (also known as Torontos) were a senior team in Toronto, Ontario. They played in the 1934-35 OHA Senior Season.

Before the 1934-35 season started, the West Toronto Nationals, the only senior team in Toronto, folded. This left a void in Ontario's largest city.

To fill this void the Toronto Mercantile League came up with a novel idea. It had five teams - Cities Service, British Consols, Dominions, McColl-Frontenac (all four in Toronto), and Oshawa General Motors. They were scheduled to play doubleheaders in Toronto on Mondays and single game in Oshawa on Wednesdays.

This left the players available to form a league all-star team to play on Fridays in the OHA Senior league.

Their coach was Joe Primeau.

They finished in second place and won the league final. They then lost the semi final in the 1934-35 Eastern Canada Allan Cup Playoffs.

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