Tomasz Wawrzkiewicz (pronounced: Tomash Vavsh-kee-vitch) (b. June 16th 1977 in Ruda Slaska, Poland) is a retired Polish goaltender.

Wawrzkiewicz played his whole career in the Ekstraliga with SMS I Sosnowiec, Polonia Bytom, SKH Sanok, Stoczniowiec Gdansk and TKH Torun. He also played 7 games in the East European League with the Polish Olympic Team (Olimpia).

Internationally, Tomasz played for the Polish National Team in the 2000 World Championship Pool B, the 2002 World Championship and the 2006 DII World Championship; he was also on the team for the 2006 Olympic Qualifiers, though he did not get to play.

He retired in 2007.

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