Toledho, Ohio Flag

The Toledo, Ohio flag.

Toledo, Ohio is the sixtieth largest city in the United States and the fourth largest city in the state of Ohio. Toledo is located in the Huron-Erie Lake Plains of Northwest Ohio. Toledo is home to two Fortune 500 companies (Dana Corporation and Owens Corning) and is also headquarters to Jeep off-road vehicles. Toledo is one of the busiest port cities on Lake Erie, the United States third busiest rail hubs and 15th busiest air cargo hub. Through its long history of innovation in all aspects of the glass industry, Toledo is affectionately known as the Glass City.

Hockey in Toledo Edit

Complete team list Edit

  1. (Michigan-Ontario League, 1940-42) play independent when league folds
  2. (Independent team, 1942-1943)
  1. (Central States Hockey League, 1998-2010) league renamed NA3HL
  2. (NA3HL, 2010-Present)
  1. (IHL, 1947-1949) join Eastern Amateur Hockey League as Buckeyes
  2. (IHL, 1950-1955) renamed Toledo-Marion Mercurys
  3. (IHL, 1956-1959) renamed Toledo-St. Louis Mercurys
  4. (IHL, 1960-1962) folded

Arenas in Toledo Edit

  • Toledo Sports Arena - (1947-2007) Former home of the Toledo Mercurys, Blades, Hornets, Goaldiggers, and Storm; demolished in 2007 to make way for Lucas County Arena
  • Huntington Center - (2009-Present) Home of the Toledo Walleye known as Lucas County Arena until April 2010
  • Team Toledo Ice House
  • Ottawa Park Ice Rink

Players Edit

NHLers Edit

Other players Edit

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