Tohoku Free Blades1
City: Hachinohe, Aomori
League: Asia League Ice Hockey
Founded: 2008 (2008)
Operated: 2008-present
Home Arena: Niida Indoor Rink
Head Coach: Chris Wakabayashi
General Manager: Keisuke Araki

The Tohoku Free Blades are an Asia League Ice Hockey team based in Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan.

Founded in 2008, they are playing their first Asia League season in 2009.


updated 23 August 2009

# Country Player Catches Acquired Place of Birth
29 Flag of Japan Keisuke Itō R 2009 Nikkō, Tochigi
31 Flag of Japan Michio Hashimoto L 2009 Aomori, Hachinohe
33 Flag of Japan Daisuke Sakai R 2009 Nagano, Nagano
# Country Player Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
4 Flag of Canada Brad Farynuk (A) R 2009 Enderby, British Columbia
7 Flag of Japan Kazumoto Imajo R 2009 Hokkaidō,Makubetsu
8 Flag of Japan Jūji Kikuchi L 2009 Tokyo
9 Flag of Japan Takuya Nakamura R 2009 Hokkaidō
16 Flag of Japan Jeffrey Kōichi Homma R 2009 Tokyo
25 Flag of Canada Steve Munn L 2009 North Battleford, Saskatchewan
35 Flag of Japan Yūto Hara L 2009 Aomori Prefecture
44 Flag of Japan Yasuhiro Ōuchi (C) R 2009 Hokkaidō
52 Flag of Japan Ryuichi Kawai L 2009 Eniwa
# Country Player Position Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
10 Flag of Japan Kentarō Sadamune L 2009 Hokkaidō
13 Flag of Canada Bruce Mulherin LW L 2009 Red Deer, Alberta
14 Flag of Japan Masahito Suzuki R 2009 Hokkaidō,Tomakomai
17 Flag of Japan Ryūichi Kurata L 2009 Sapporo
18 Flag of Japan Kōta Tanaka L 2009 Hokkaidō
19 Flag of Japan Kōsuke Takahashi R 2009 Hokkaidō
21 Flag of Japan Kazuki Yamamoto L 2009 Hokkaidō
22 Flag of Japan Shō Tanaka R 2009 Sapporo
23 Flag of Japan Yoshikazu Kashino R 2009 Hokkaidō,Tomakomai
30 Flag of Japan Bin Ishioka R 2009 Hokkaidō,Kushiro
40 Flag of Japan Takuma Kawai L 2009 Eniwa
41 Flag of Japan Yūjirō Kasahara R 2009 Hokkaidō
47 Flag of Canada Jon Smyth LW L 2009 Markham, Ontario
81 Flag of Japan Akiyumi Okuyama (A) L 2009 Hokkaidō,Tomakomai
Flag of Japan
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