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The Tappara Tampere is a professional ice hockey club based in Tampere, Finland, playing in the SM-liiga. Founded in 1955, the club boasts 8 championships, in 1977, 1979, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 2003 and 2016.

They play in the Tampereen jäähalli.

Current teamEdit

Number Player Shoots Contract Place of birth
29 Flag of Finland Harri Säteri L 2011 Toijala, Finland
39 Flag of Finland Jani Nieminen L 201 (2013) Helsinki, Finland
Number Player Shoots Contract Place of birth
6 Flag of Finland Pekka Saravo L 2015 Tampere, Finland
9 Flag of Finland Juha Leimu L 2013 Tampere, Finland
15 Flag of Finland Jussi Halme L 2013 Nokia, Finland
16 Flag of Finland Jesse Turkulainen L 2011 (2012) Stockholm, Sweden
18 Flag of Finland Tuukka Mäntylä L 2019 Tampere, Finland
26 Flag of Finland Jani Honkanen L 2011 Espoo, Finland
52 Flag of Finland Lasse Korhonen R 2011 Helsinki, Finland
77 Flag of Finland Harri Ilvonen L 2011 Rauma, Finland
Number Player Shoots Position Contract Place of birth
11 Flag of Finland Timo Koskela L LW 2011 Tampere, Finland
14 Flag of Finland Nestori Lähde L RW 2011 Kangasala, Finland
17 Flag of Finland Joonas Koskinen L C 2011 (2012) Ruovesi, Finland
19 Flag of Finland Tuomas Vänttinen L C 2012 Savonlinna, Finland
22 Flag of Finland Kim Strömberg L W 2011 Helsinki, Finland
23 Flag of Finland Joni Karjalainen L 2012 Helsinki, Finland
27 Flag of Finland Tomi Pekkala L W 2012 (2014) Liminka, Finland
31 Flag of Finland Atte Susi L W try-out Tampere, Finland
34 Flag of Finland Jouni Virpiö L W 2012 Jyväskylä, Finland
40 Flag of the Czech Republic Jakub Sindel R C 2011 Jihlava, Czech Republic
42 Flag of Finland Juuso Antonen L W try-out Tampere, Finland
44 Flag of Canada Steve Guolla L C 2011 Scarborough, Canada
64 Flag of Finland Samu Vilkman L W try-out Hyvinkää, Finland
71 Flag of Finland Antti Kangasniemi L C 2012 (2013) Tampere, Finland
73 Flag of Finland Niclas Lucenius L LW 2011 (2012) Turku, Finland
81 Flag of Finland Jukka Peltola L LW 2012 Tampere, Finland
66 Flag of Finland Mika Viinamäki L C try-out Nurmo, Finland

Retired numbersEdit

Tappara GreatsEdit

Flag of Finland Ice hockey in Finland Flag of Finland
SM-liiga         BluesHIFKHPKIlvesJokeritJYPKalPaKärpätLukkoPelicansSaiPaTapparaTPSÄssät
Mestis         D TeamHeKiHokkiJokipojatJukuritKiekko-LaserKiekko-VantaaKooKooLeKiSaPKoSportTuTo
Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame
Suomen Jääkiekkoliitto
Men's Finnish National TeamWomen's Finnish National Team

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