British Consols Home Rink

British Consol's Home Rink, Glace Bay, N.S.

The British Consols were a Jr. team based out of Glace Bay, NS. The team was sponsored by the cigarette company British Consols, after brothers Don and Del MacDonald saw a sky banner in Montreal and decided to address a personal letter to the owner (W.C MacDonald) asking for sponsorship. Eventually they got a response saying that W.C MacDonald had died 25 years prior, but regardless the company would sponsor the team.

They played in 1933-34 and 1934-35.

1933-1934 Roster

British Consols team photo
  • Edgar (Al) Provoe
  • Joe Bates
  • Roy Delaney
  • Alex May
  • Johnnie Lyons
  • Elmer (Tug) MacCormack
  • Delbert MacDonald
  • Johnnie May
  • Donald MacDonald
  • Alex MacSween
  • Willie May
  • Bill Dillon
  • James MacLean
  • Joe MacInnis
  • (Manager) R. Russell MacDonald
  • (Coach) Stan Fredericks
Sydney British Consols tie Charlottetown Indians

Consols tie Royals

News clipping British Consols 19

News clipping (Glace Bay) Dec.17, 1934

MacDonald Brothers Line

Johnnie May, Delbert MacDonald and Don E. MacDonald

MacDonald Brothers

Johnnie May, Delbert MacDonald and Don MacDonald

Don E. MacDonald

Don E. MacDonald (1933)

Macdonald Brothers 2

Del MacDonald, Johnnie May, Don MacDonald

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