The Swiss International Championship Serie A is a defunct ice hockey championship that existed in Switzerland from 1908 to 1933. The league was wide open to foreigners and teams had no limit on foreign players, hence the name of the league. The league, from 1915 onward, was held in parallel to the Swiss National Championship Serie A, where the number of foreign players was limited.

In 1933, the International Championship was discontinued.

Participating teamsEdit

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League championsEdit

Flag of Switzerland Swiss International Championship winners
Season Winner Season Winner
1909 HC Bellerive 1922 HC Château d'Œx
1910 HC La Villa 1923 EHC St. Moritz
1911 CP Lausanne 1924 HC Château d'Œx
1912 HC Les Avants 1925 HC Rosey
1913 HC Les Avants 1926 No title (Final tied)
1914 No competition 1927 HC Davos
1915 No competition 1928 HC Rosey
1916 Akademischer EHC 1929 HC Davos
1917 HC Les Avants 1930 HC Davos
1918 HC Bellerive 1931 HC Davos
1919 HC Rosey 1932 HC Davos
1920 HC Rosey 1933 Grasshopper-Club Zürich
1921 HC Rosey

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