The 1.Liga is the third level of ice hockey in Switzerland and the highest level of amateur hockey of the country.


The 1.Liga is divided in three divisions: Ostschweiz (East Switzerland; OS), 13 teams; Zentralschweiz (Central Switzerland; ZS), 12 teams and Suisse Romande (Romandie, SR), 12 teams.

Participating teamsEdit



Suisse RomandeEdit


  • 2009-10 : EHC Basel-Kleinhüningen, HC Saint-Imier-Sonceboz, HC Chiasso
  • 2008-09 : SC Herisau, EHC Belp, HC Uni Neuchâtel
  • 2007-08 : Pikes EHC Oberthurgau, EHC Adelboden, HC Montanta-Crans
  • 2006-07 : HC Ceresio, HC Bulle-La Gruyère, HC Villars
  • 2005-06 : EHC Seewen, HC Verbier-Val de Bagnes
  • 2004-05 : EHC Arosa
  • 2003-04 : SC Weinfelden, EHC Wettingen-Baden, HC Sion

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