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William allman memorial arena

William Alman Memorial Arena

Stratford is a town in Southern Ontario west of Kitchener and north of London. It has a population of about 30,000.


  • Stratford
  1. (OHA Sr., 1892-1901; 1910-1913;
  2. 1915-1916;
  3. (OHA Jr., 1894-1899; 1901-1905; 1929-1931)
  1. (OHA Sr., 1905-1908; 1923-1926)
  2. (OHA Sr. B, 1929-1930)  join OHA Intermediate A
  3. (OHA Intermediate A, 1930-????)
  4. (OHA Sr. B, 1933-1934)
  5. (OHA Sr. A, 1945-1949)
  6. (OHA Sr. A, 1951-1957) join WOJBHL
  7. (OHA Sr. A, 1983-1984) folded
  8. (Western Ontario Junior B Hockey League, 1957-1958)
  9. (OHA Sr. A, 1960-1962)
  1. (OHA Jr, 1906-1929; 1931-1933) join OHA Jr. A
  2. (OHA Jr. A, 1934-1937) withdrew
  1. (Canadian Professional Hockey League, 1926-1928)
  2. (Ontario Professional Hockey League, 1930-1931) join OHA Sr.
  3. (OHA Sr. B, 1932-1933) join OHA Intermediate A
  1. (Western Ontario Senior B Hockey League, 1972-1973) league nenamed Conintental Senior B Hockey League
  2. (Conintental Senior B Hockey League, 1973-1975) league renamed Conintental Senior A Hockey League)
  3. (Conintental Senior A Hockey League, 1975-1980) join OHA Sr. A
  4. (OHA Sr. A, 1980-1982) renamed Frams



  • William Allman Memorial Arena
  • Dufferin Lions Arena
  • Stratford Rotary Complex

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