he Stevenage Strikers were a minor league ice hockey team based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. The Stevenage Strikers played English League 3 - Central 1989/90; English League 3 - South 1990/91; English Conference National Division 1991/92; English Conference South 1992/3. Home games were played at the Stevenage Ice Bowl and their colors were red, white and blue.

Other Stevenage teams include the Stevenage Sharks (1992–93) and the Stevenage Oilers (1995–97).

Known playersEdit

John Baxter Coach (1989–90) Peter Ravenscroft Coach (1989–90) Mark Locks (Unknown) Ian (Sutcliffe) Francis (1989–90) Roy (Cookie) Cooke (1989–90) Chris Lowden (Unknown) Joe Flores (1989–92) Jahan Mayer (1989–92) Jonathan Mayer (1989–92) Mike Boudreau (USA) Player-Coach (1989-1991) Gareth Davies

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