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"Tommies" is the name of the sports teams of St. Thomas University. It is currently located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Until 1964 it was located in Chatham, New Brunswick. They are sometimes referred to by others as the "Pids". They are members of the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) and Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS). STU joined the Maritime Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) hockey league in 1938-39. The conference changed names in 1968-69 to the Atlantic Intercollegiate Athletic Association (AIAA), in 1973-74 to the Atlantic Universities Athletic Association (AUAA), and finally in 1998-99 to the present AUS. He team folded after the 2015-16 season.

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As with many other universities, the Tommies got their start in the senior leagues. They started in the North Shore Hockey League against the likes of the University of New Brunswick and St. Joseph's University. They claim to have won their second straight Lengil Cup in 1917. Unfortunately, neither the league nor the cup have any Wikia links.

In any event, they joined the MIAA in 1938-39 from which point their seasonal records are to some extent verified. The STU people often refer to the “N.B. – P.E.I Intercollegiate League” which was actually the West Division of the MIAA. To be fair, in those days people were not too particular with league names and branding.

The Pids also once faced the New York Rangers, losing 15-10. Here's the story:

The 1950 – 51 season saw the College hockey team capture the N.B. – P.E.I. Intercollegiate title. An exciting game took place in April in the Sinclair Rink, Newcastle. The Tommies played the New York Rangers in an exhibition game. Coach Vance Toner, together with Jack O’Neil and Sonny McWilliam, got into St. Thomas uniforms. New York won 15-10 over the College team. The Rangers got 8 of their goals in the first period. In the final period, the Rangers took the Tommies net and three of their players joined the College team. Four of the 10 St. Thomas goals were scored by New York.


In 1962, as defending Maritime champions, STU went to Quebec City to face the reigning 1961 QOAA champion Laval Rouge et Or. STU won 7-4.

Also, STU was New Brunswick's representative at the inaugural 1967 Canada Winter Games Hockey Tournament. They finished last in their pool with a record of 1-4-0..

Squirrels vs PidsEdit

St. Thomas University shares a campus with the University of New Brunswick. The UNB supporters dubbed STU the "Pids" and STU has always referred to UNB as the "Squirrels". The origini of "Pids" came frrom a playoff game when the STU fans would chant "STUUUUUU" and the UNB fans would jump in with "Pids", thus creating the sound of "STUUUUUU" "Pids", "STUUUUUU" "Pids" etc. Meanwhile, UNB had a history of dubbing their teams "Red Somethings". The men's hockey team was the "Red Devils". There are many origins of the "Squirrels" moniker, and here is one:

We do know that Squirrels are rodents and by their very nature get on your nerves. UNB Squirrels tend to be arrogant, vain, and dirty. (Just ask any AUS hockey team.) Tree rat comes to mind as a suitable definition but can anyone tell me what a “Varsity Red” is? Their so called “official” mascot is a “Red Fox” but in fact is just a big Red Squirrel in fox clothing.
Used as a derogatory name it is always proper to refer to UNB’s sport teams, athletes, and students as Squirrels. This will identify them with the lower life form they are and will typically negate any pathetic attempt at grandeur they may have.


University SeasonsEdit

1938-39 MIAA Season
1939-40 MIAA Season
1940-41 MIAA Season
1946-47 MIAA Season
1947-48 MIAA Season * west divisional results not available
1948-49 MIAA Season
1949-50 MIAA Season
1950-51 MIAA Season
1951-52 MIAA Season
1952-53 MIAA Season * divisional results not available
1953-54 MIAA Season
1954-55 MIAA Season * west divisional results not available
1955-56 MIAA Season
1956-57 MIAA Season * west divisional results not available
1957-58 MIAA Season * west divisional results not available
1958-59 MIAA Season
1959-60 MIAA Season * west divisional results not available
1960-61 MIAA Season
1961-62 MIAA Season * west divisional results not available
1962-63 MIAA Season
1963-64 MIAA Season
1964-65 MIAA Season
1965-66 MIAA Season
1966-67 MIAA Season
1967-68 MIAA Season
1968-69 AIAA Season
1969-70 AIAA Season
1970-71 AIAA Season
1971-72 AIAA Season
1972-73 AIAA Season
1973-74 AUAA Season
1974-75 AUAA Season
1978-79 AUAA Season * regular season standings not available
1979-80 AUAA Season * playoff results missing
1980-81 AUAA Season
1981-82 AUAA Season
1982-83 AUAA Season
1983-84 AUAA Season
1984-85 AUAA Season
1985-86 AUAA Season
1986-87 AUAA Season * playoff results missing
1987-88 AUAA Season * playoff results missing
1988-89 AUAA Season * playoff results missing
1989-90 AUAA Season
1990-91 AUAA Season * playoff results missing
1991-92 AUAA Season
1992-93 AUAA Season
1993-94 AUAA Season
1994-95 AUAA Season
1995-96 AUAA Season
1996-97 AUAA Season
1997-98 AUAA Season
1998-99 AUS Season
1999-00 AUS Season
2000-01 AUS Season
2001-02 AUS Season
2002-03 AUS Season
2003-04 AUS Season
2004-05 AUS Season
2005-06 AUS Season
2006-07 AUS Season
2007-08 AUS Season
2008-09 AUS Season
2009-10 AUS Season
2010-11 AUS Season
2011-12 AUS Season
2012-13 AUS Season
2013-14 AUS Season
2014-15 AUS Season

University Cup TournamentsEdit


  • MIAA - 1961
  • AUS - 2001

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