St. Charles North Stars
St Charles North Stars logo 2015-
City: St. Charles, Ontario
League: World United Hockey League
Founded: November 18, 2014
Home Arena: St. Charles Arena
Colors: Green, Yellow, & White

The St. Charles North Stars are a junior ice hockey team from St. Charles, Ontario. The team commenced play with the 2014-15 season when they were known as the The team was formed out of the ashes of the Canadian International Hockey League team the St. Charles Spirt in November 2014. They were named the North Stars when the new league started play. They currently play in the World United Hockey League based out of the St. Charles Arena.

Season-by-season resultsEdit

St Charles North Stars logo 2014-15

St. Charles Spirit logo (Nov 2014-2105)

The team won the inaugural World United Hockey League championship in 2015.
St. Charles North Stars 2015 WUHL champs

St Charles North Stars 2015 WUHL champs

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