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Southern Hockey League
Sport Ice Hockey
Founded 1995
No. of teams 6
Country(ies) Usflag United States
Ceased 1996
Last champion(s) Huntsville Channel Cats (1995-96)

The Southern Hockey League (SHL) was a mid-level professional ice hockey league.

This United States league operated for one season (1995-96) and contained six teams. The league was originally named the Sunshine Hockey League, but changed it's name after expanding outside the state of Florida. The Huntsville Channel Cats, along with the planned 1996-97 expansion teams Columbus Cottonmouths, Macon Whoopee, and Nashville Nighthawks, joined the Central Hockey League following the SHL's demise. The only league Champion was the Huntsville Channel Cats. Other teams included Lakeland Prowlers, Daytona Beach Breakers, Winston-Salem Mammoths, West Palm Beach Barracudas and the Jacksonville Bullets.

Regular season standingsEdit

Lakeland Prowlers 60 41 13 6 0 88 342 229 1291
Daytona Beach Breakers 60 33 20 7 0 73 297 251 2487
Winston-Salem Mammoths 60 30 23 7 0 67 273 274 2110
Huntsville Channel Cats 60 27 31 2 0 56 274 294 2191
West Palm Beach Barracudas 60 26 32 2 0 54 251 319 2084
Jacksonville Bullets 60 23 33 4 0 50 282 352 1791


Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 5

  • Huntsville 3 Lakeland 2
  • Winston-Salem 3 Daytona Beach 1


Best of 7

  • Huntsville 4 Winston-Salem 1

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