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South Interlake Hockey League was a Senior Hockey League that played in Mantioba, started from 1986/1987 and end in 2007/2008. The Teams that play are Arborg (2003-2004), Ashern (2003-2008), Beausjour (2003-2008), Lac Du Bonnett (2003-2008), Gimli (2004-2008), Lake Manitoba First Nation (2005-2008), Lundar (2003-2008), Pequis (2003-2008), St Laurent-Teulon (2003), Selkrik (2008), Stonewall (2003-2007), and Warren (2003-2004). Teams that started this league, 1986/1987 are Arborg, Ashern, Lundar, St Laurent, Stonewall, Flyers, Stonewall Jets, Teulon, Warren and Winnipeg. 1994/1995 teams are Arborg, Ashern, Fisher Branch, Lundar, Stonewall Jets, Stonewall Lions, Teulon and Warren.

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