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The South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League (SEMHL) is a Senior A Hockey League operating in the Canadian province of Manitoba. The League plays under the sanction of Hockey Manitoba, in affiliation with Hockey Canada. The League champion advances to the Manitoba Championship Tournament for the Manitoba Cup.

The SEMHL is the oldest Senior Hockey League in Canada


SEMHL championship trophy
Team Center
Altona Maroons Altona
Carman Beavers Carman
Morden Redskins Morden
Notre Dame Hawks Notre Dame de Lourdes
Portage Islanders Portage la Prairie
Stonewall Flyers Stonewall
Warren Mercs Warren
Winkler Royals Winkler

League ChampionsEdit

Year Team Year Team Year Team
1952 Altona Maroons 1953 St. Jean Flyers 1954 St. Jean Flyers
1955 Altona Maroons 1956 Altona Maroons 1957 Winkler Royals
1958 Miami Rockets 1959 Miami Rockets 1960 Altona Maroons
1961 Pilot Mound Pilots 1962 Miami Rockets 1963 Miami Rockets
1964 Carman Beavers 1965 Miami Rockets 1966 Pilot Mound Pilots
1967 Carman Beavers 1968 Carman Beavers 1969 Oakville Seals
1970 Oakville Seals 1971 Winkler Royals 1972 Winkler Royals
1973 Oakville Seals 1974 Oakville Seals 1975 Oakville Seals
1976 Morden Bombers 1977 Carman Beavers 1978 Pilot Mound Pilots
1979 Morden Bombers 1980 Altona Maroons 1981 Carman Beavers
1982 Morden Bombers 1983 Carman Beavers 1984 Portage Hawks
1985 Altona Maroons 1986 Portage Hawks 1987 Portage Hawks
1988 Portage Hawks 1989 Winkler Royals 1990 Warroad Lakers
1991 Morden Redskins 1992 Morden Redskins 1993 Morden Redskins
1994 Morden Redskins 1995 Portage Hawks 1996 Notre Dame Hawks
1997 Morden Redskins 1998 Swan Lake Cougars 1999 Carman Beavers
2000 Morden Redskins 2001 Morden Redskins 2002 Altona Maroons
2003 Morden Redskins 2004 Morden Redskins 2005 Notre Dame Hawks
2006 Carman Beavers 2007 Stonewall Flyers 2008 Morden Redskins
2009 Plum Coulee Xpress 2010 Warren Mercs 2011 Plum Coulee Xpress
2012 Altona Maroons 2013 Altona Maroons 2014 Morden Redskins
2015 Morden Redskins 2016 Carman Beavers 2017 Notre Dame Hawks

Manitoba Senior A ChampionshipsEdit

Manitoba Cup (starting in 2013)

Year Team Year Team Year Team
2013 Altona Maroons 2015 Morden Redskins - -


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