South America is a continent in the southern hemisphere. Its largest countries are Argentina and Brazil.

Country or



(per sq mi)


(July 2009 est.)

Population density

per km²

Argentina 1,068,302 40,482,000 37/sq mi Buenos Aires
Bolivia 424,164 9,863,000 21.8/sq mi La Paz and Sucre
Brazil 3,287,612 191,241,714 57/sq mi Brasilia
Chile 292,260 16,928,673 57/sq mi Santiago
Colombia 439,736 45,928,970 103.6/sq mi Bogota
Ecuador 109,483 14,573,101 139.3/sq mi Quito
Falkland Islands 4,700 3,140 0.7/sq mi Port Stanley
French Guiana 35,135 221,500 5.4/sq mi Cayenne
Guyana 83,012 772,298 9.1/sq mi Georgetown
Paraguay 157,047 6,831,306 40.4/sq mi Asuncion
Peru 496,226 29,132,013 57/sq mi Lima
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 1,194 20 0/sq mi Grytviken
Suriname 63,039 472,000 7.8/sq mi Paramaribo
Uruguay 68,039 3,477,780 50.2/sq mi Montevideo
Venezuela 352,144 26,814,843 72/sq mi Caracas
Total 385,742,554

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