Socialist Republic of Montenegro (Serbo-Croat: Socijalistička republika Crna Gora, Социјалистичка република Црна Гора) or SR Montenegro in shortened form, was a socialist state that was a constituent country in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It is a predecessor of the modern day Montenegro. On 7 July 1963 the People's Republic of Montenegro was renamed the "Socialist Republic of Montenegro" (a change ratified by both the federal Constitution and the newly created Montenegrin Constitution; both in 1963). It was a non-national free state with Serbo-Croatian as the official language. In 1991 as the League of Communists in Montenegro changed its name to Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro after the first free elections, the adjective "Socialist" was deleted from the republic's title (ratified by the 1992 Constitution).

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