The new Community Centre.

Smiths Falls is a town of about 10,000 people in eastern Ontario, Canada. It is located to the north of Kingston.

It is in the area of the Ottawa District Hockey Association but has occasionally entered teams in the Ontario Hockey Association.


  1. (OHA Senior, 1902-05
  2. (Federal Amateur Hockey League, 1905-1906) withdrew
  3. (Federal Hockey League, 1908-1909) folded
  4. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1911-1912) join IHU
  5. (Interprovincial Hockey Union, 1912-1914)
  6. (Ottawa District Junior Playoffs, 1928-29; 1939-40)
  7. (Central Intermediate Hockey League, 1970-1971)
  1. (Ottawa Hull & District Junior Hockey League, 1961-1964) join CJAHL
  2. (Central Junior A Hockey League, 1964-1976) leave league
  3. (Central Junior A Hockey League, 1985-2000) become Lanark Thunder based out of nearby Perth for 2 seasons; which folded and were replaced by an expansion Smiths Falls Bears franchise
  4. (Central Junior A Hockey League, 2002-2009) join CJHL
  5. (Central Junior Hockey League, 2009-2010) join CCHL
  6. (Central Canada Hockey League, 2010-Present)
  1. Rideau Group (1936-1936) join UOVL
  2. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1936-1941)
  3. (Rideau Group, 1944-1945) renamed Rideaus
  1. (Rideau Group, 1931-1933) renamed MicMacs
  2. (Rideau Group,1945-1946)
  3. (Rideau Group, 1950-1951) join ECSHL
  4. (Eastern Canada Senior Hockey League, 1951-1953) join NYOL
  5. (New York-Ontario League, 1953-1954) withdrew February 3, 1954
  6. (1957-58 Ottawa District Senior Playoffs)
  7. (Interprovincial Senior Hockey League, 1958-1961)



  • Smith Falls Community Memorial Centre

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