The ARCO arena opened in 1988 in Sacramento, California. It is now known as the Power Balance Pavillion. The arena has not been a permanant home to any ice hockey franchises but does have an ice plant in the facility. The arena was renamed the Power Balance Pavillion in 2011 and then to the Sleep Train Arena in 2012.

The ARCO arena was host to six NHL neutral site games during its brief experiement with new cities.

  1. January 4, 1993 Montreal Canadiens defeated San Jose Sharks 2-1 in front of 11, 814
  2. February 22, 1993 New York Rangers defeated San Jose Sharks 4-0 in front of 13,633 fans
  3. October 21, 1993 St. Louis Blues defeated San Jose Sharks 5-2 in front of 7,144 fans
  4. November 3, 1993 Pittsburgh Penguins defeated Buffalo Sabres 5-5 in front of 10,117 fans
  5. February 8, 1994 San Jose Sharks defeated Chicago Blackhawks 4-3 in front of a sell out crowd of 14,182
  6. April 3, 1994 Los Angeles Kings defeated Edmonton Oilers 6-1 in front of 10,363


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