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Sherbrooke Arena circa 1940.

Sherbrooke is a city of about 150,000 people in southeastern Quebec, Canada.


  1. (Saint Lawrence Hockey League, 1909-1910)
  2. (Interprovincial Amateur Hockey Union, 1910-1914)
  3. (Province of Quebec League, 1922-1923)
  4. (Junior Amateur Hockey Association, 1947-1947) drop out before play due to competition from local senior team
  1. Eastern Townships Intermeidate Hockey League, 1959-1964) league becomes Provincial Senior League
  2. (QMJHL, 1969-1982) become Saint-Jean Castors
  3. (QMJHL, 1998-2003) become Lewiston MAINEiacs
  1. (QJAAAHL, 2007-2014) league renamed QJHL
  2. (Quebec Junior Hockey League, 2014-Present)
  1. Provincial Intermediate League, 1936-1937)
  2. (Provincial Senior League, 1937-1940)
  3. (Quebec Senior Hockey League, 1948-1949) renamed Saints
  1. (Quebec Senior Hockey League, 1949-1950)
  2. (Quebec Senior Hockey League (Major), 1950-1953)
  3. (Quebec Hockey League, 1953-1954) become Shawinigan Cataractes
  1. Provincial Senior League, 1946-1948)
  2. (Quebec Senior Hockey League (Major), 2003-2004) league renamed LNAH
  3. (LNAH, 2004-2011) become Windsor Wild

University teamEdit

Sherbrooke Vert et Or



Allan CupEdit

Calder CupEdit



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