Shawinigan Cataractes
Shawinigan Cataractes
City: Shawinigan, Quebec
League: QMJHL
Division: Telus Central
Founded: 1969 (1969)–70
Home Arena: Centre Bionest de Shawinigan
General Manager: Martin Mondou
Head Coach: Claude Bouchard
Franchise history
1969–73: Shawinigan Bruins
1973–78: Shawinigan Dynamos
1978–present: Shawinigan Cataractes

The Shawinigan Cataractes are a junior ice hockey team in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. The team is based out of Shawinigan, Quebec. The Cataractes have been previously known as the Shawinigan Bruins until 1973, and were called the Shawinigan Dynamos from 1973 to 1978.

The Cataractes play their home games at the Centre Bionest de Shawinigan. The former home of the team was Aréna Jacques Plante. Over the course of their 43-year history, they have not won any League championships or Memorial Cups until they were chosen to host the 2012 Memorial Cup tournament, as they became only the second team to play in the tie-breaker and win in overtime in front of a sellout hometown crowd.

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Yearly resultsEdit

  • 1969–73 Shawinigan Bruins
  • 1973–78 Shawinigan Dynamos
  • 1978–present Shawinigan Cataractes

Season G W L T OL SL Pts  % GF GA Standing
1969–705636191 - -730.6523182542nd in East
1970–716238231 - -770.6213012562nd in QMJHL
1971–726134243 - -710.5822902085th in QMJHL
1972–736428342 - -700.4533012784th in QMJHL
1973–747030373 - -630.4503474023rd in East
1974–7572164511 - -430.2993244625th in East
1975–76729594 - -220.1532545545th in East
1976–7772184212 - -480.3332653574th in Dilio
1977–78723654 - -100.0692586875th in Dilio
1978–797424437 - -530.3723104245th in Dilio
1979–807228359 - -650.4513143395th in Dilio
1980–817234344 - -720.5003253214th in Dilio
1981–826435272 - -720.5623492785th in QMJHL
1982–837052162 - -1060.7574062321st in Dilio
1983–847037330 - -740.5293292871st in Dilio
1984–856848191 - -980.7133842551st in Dilio
1985–867232382 - -660.4583533614th in Dilio
1986–877038266 - -820.5864083352nd in Dilio
1987–887030373 - -630.4503873814th in Dilio
1988–897031354 - -660.4713183218th in QMJHL
1989–907038302 - -780.5573282754th in QMJHL
1990–917027403 - -570.4072612894th in Dilio
1991–927037276 - -800.5712792732nd in Dilio
1992–937019465 - -430.3072623575th in Dilio
1993–947236315 - -770.5353163134th in Dilio
1994–957240284 - -840.5833252702nd in Dilio
1995–967035305 - -750.5362892593rd in Dilio
1996–977041245 - -870.6212772322nd in Dilio
1997–987040246 - -860.6142622173rd in Lebel
1998–997044224 - -920.6572752121st in Lebel
1999–200072372555 -840.5492952571st in Central
2000–0172541062 -1160.7923751921st in Central
2001–0272432153 -940.6322882001st in Central
2002–0372253584 -620.4032092493rd in Central
2003–0470392146 -880.5862592152nd in West
2004–05703125122 -760.5291991882nd in West
2005–06703728 -32790.5442852786th in West
2006–07702539 -24560.3572283019th in Telus
2007–08703333 - -4700.4712262416th in Telus
2008–09685114 -301050.7503081832nd in Central††
2009–10442117 -33480.4771481623rd in Central
2010–11684223 -21870.6402502024th in Telus West
2011–12684516 -34970.7132741791st in East
2012–13681546 -52370.22015428417th in QMJHL
2013-14682039 -4549 0.360163251 6th in East
2014-15683926 -12810.596259214 3rd in East
2015-16684419 -4193.6842812201st in East
2016-17684220 -4290.6622581841st in East

Seeded 8th in Eastern Division for 2006–07 playoffs.

††Seeded 5th in Telus Division for 2008–09 playoffs.

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