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The Sept-Iles Mineurs were an intermediate team in Sept Iles, Quebec.

Their most notable season was 1967-68, when they played in the Eastern Quebec League. They won the league that season, then went on to win the 1967-68 Eastern Canada Intermediate Playoffs and finally the first Hardy Cup.


Coach Jean-Guy Normand
Goalie Ronald Gilbert
Defense Yvan Flibotte Ghislain Bouchard (A) Denis Gagnon Willie Shuglo
Forward Claude Roy (C) Jacques Mercier Yvon Juneau Omer Ouellet Gilbert Laforest Magella Dubois André Lamontagne Amédé Larrivée Henri Roy

Mineurs 67-68 800x600

Mineurs de Sept-Iles 1968 Hardy Cup Champions

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