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Saskatoon is a city of about 230,000 in central Saskatchewan. Canada.


  1. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1963-1966) join CMJHL
  2. (Canadian Major Junior Hockey League, 1966-1968) league renamed WCHL
  3. Western Canada Hockey League, 1968-1978) league renamed WHL
  4. (Western Hockey League, 1978-Present)
  1. (Western Canada Hockey League, 1922-1925) league renamed WHL and team renamed Sheiks
  2. (Prairie Hockey League, 1926-1928) fold with league
  3. (Western Canada Hockey League, 1932-1933) folded
  1. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1938-1942) disbanded
  2. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1940-1943) renamed Lions
  3. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1947-1948) join NSJHL
  4. (North Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1948-1949) renamed Wesleys
  5. (Western Canada Major Hockey League, 1950-1951) join PCHL
  6. (Pacific Coast Hockey League, 1951-1952) join WHL
  7. (Western Hockey League, 1952-1955) become Brandon Regals
  8. (Western Hockey League, 1958-1959) folded
  9. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1956-1963) renamed Blades
  10. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1959-1965) join WCSHL
  11. (Western Canada Senior Hockey League, 1965-1968) join SSHL
  12. ((Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1968-1971) join PHL
  13. (Prairie Hockey League, 1971-1972) folded
  1. (Western Canada Hockey League, 1921-1922) moved to Moose Jaw February 3, 1922
  2. (Western Hockey League, 1925-1926) join Prairie Hockey League
  1. (North Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1949-1950) join SJHL
  2. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1950-1955) folded


  • Credit Union Centre
  • Crescent Arena
  • Harold Latrace Arena
  • Rutherford Arena (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Saskatoon Arena
  • ACT Arena
  • Lions Arena
  • Cosmo Arena
  • Canlan Ice Sports-Jemini
  • Archibald Arena
  • South Corman Park Community Association Rink
  • Kinsmen Arena
  • Canlan Ice Sports-Agriplace
  • Anna McIntosh Park Rink
  • Dr. John G Egnatoff School Rink
  • Bishop Roborecki Rink (Confederation Park
  • Dundonald Park Rink
  • St. Augustine School Rink
  • St. Luke School Rink
  • King George Community School Rink
  • Henry Kelsey School Rink
  • Alvin Buckwold School Rink
  • Pope John Paul II School Rink
  • Holliston School Rink
  • St, John School Rink
  • St. Frances School Rink
  • Greystone School Rink
  • Arbor Creek Park Rink
  • Cardinal Leger School Rink
  • John Lake School Rink
  • Saskatchewan Indian Federated College Rink
  • Caswell Community School Rink
  • Schroh Arena
  • Buena Vista School Rink
  • Georges Vanier School Rink
  • Hugh Cairns School Rink
  • Brevoort Park Rink
  • St. Philip School Rink

University TeamEdit

  1. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1943-1944)
  2. (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, 1945-1946)


World ChampionshipEdit

University CupEdit


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