SaskAlta hockey League is based in Saskatchewan and Alberta and this league started in 1964.

Teams (2016-2017)Edit

Team Centre Arena
Dewberry Mustangs Dewberry, AB Dewberry Arena
Elk Point Elks Elk Point AB A.G. Ross Arena
Hillmond Hitmen Hillmond, SK Hillmond Redden Arena
Kiscoty Monarchs Kiscoty, AB Kiscoty Arena
Lashburn Flyers Lashburn, SK Lashburn Arena
Maidstone Jets Maidstone, SK Maidstone Arena
Marwayne Comets Marwayne, AB Marwayne Arena
Neilburg Monarchs Neilburg, SK Neilburg Arena
Paradise Hill Hawks Paradise Hill, SK Onion Lake Arena
Paradise Valley Jets Paradise Valley, AB Three Cities Arena
St. Walburg Eagles St. Walburg, SK St. Walburg Arena
Two Hills Longhorns Two Hills, Alberta Town of Two Hills Arena
Vermillion Rock Vermillion, AB Vermillion Stadium/Arena
Viking Gas Kings Viking, Alberta Viking Carena Complex
Wainwright Rustlers Wainwright, AB Peace Memorial Multiplex



1964-1965 Marwayne Comets
1965-1966 Marwayne Comets
1966-1967 Maidstone Jets
1967-1968 Hillmond All-Stars
1968-1969 Hillmond All-Stars
1969-1970 Hillmond All-Stars
1970-1971 Edam Three-Stars
1971-1972 Lashburn Flyers
1972-1973 Paradise Hill Hawks
1973-1974 Dewberry Mustangs
1974-1975 Lashburn Flyers
1975-1976 Lashburn Flyers
1976-1977 Marwayne Comets
1977-1978 Hillmond All-Stars
1978-1979 Dewberry Mustangs
1979-1980 Marwayne Comets
1981-1982 Dewberry Mustangs
1982-1983 Kitscoty Monarchs
1983-1984 Kitscoty Monarchs
1984-1985 Kitscoty Monarchs
1985-1986 Dewberry Mustangs
1986-1987 Dewberry Mustangs
1987-1988 Dewberry Mustangs
1988-1989 Dewberry Mustangs
1989-1990 Dewberry Mustangs
1990-1991 Neilburg Monarchs
1991-1992 Neilburg Monarchs
1992-1993 Paradise Valley Jets
1993-1994 Elk Point Elks
1994-1995 Vermilion Senators
1995-1996 Marwayne Comets
1996-1997 Marwayne Comets
1997-1998 Dewberry Mustangs
1998-1999 Kitscoty Monarchs
1999-2000 Kitscoty Monarchs
2000-2001 Onion Lake Eagles
2001-2002 Dewberry Mustangs
2002-2003 Paradise Valley Jets
2003-2004 St.Paul Hornets
2004-2005 St.Paul Hornets
2005-2006 Cold Lake Packers
2006-2007 Two Hills Longhorns
2007-2008 Dewberry Mustangs
2008-2009 ?
2009-2010 ?
2010-2011 Dewberry Mustangs
2011-2012 Dewberry Mustangs
2012-2013 Dewberry Mustangs
2013-2014 Dewberry Mustangs
2014-2015 Hillmond Hitmen
2015-2016 Wainwright Rustlers

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