Samuel H. Kim
Samuel H. Kim
Born 1976
Seoul, Korea
Occupation Hockey scout
Employer Anyang Halla
Title Scout/Interpretor/Commentator

Samuel H. Kim (Full Name: Samuel Hyung-Ihl Kim) (Korean: 김형일) (born December 15, 1976 in Seoul, South Korea) is a Canadian Korean hockey commentator[1] who has covered ice hockey since joining SBSsports(cable) in 2006. He is also a hockey scout who serves as a scout & interpreter for the Anyang Halla of the Asia League Ice Hockey. His scouting and player evaluation, has been credited by General Manager Yang Seung-Jun as the reason for the success of the Anyang Halla 2008-2009, 2009-2010 & 2010-2011. Kim was also covered 2010 Winter Olympic hockey for SBS and SBSsports(cable) in Vancouver and Astana-Almaty 2011 Asian Winter Games for MBCsports+(cable). Kim provides analysis for NHL on SBSsports telecasts, as well as formerly for local hockey events(Anyang Halla Hockey Club radio commentator). Previous to joining SBSsports, he was Hockey reporter of The Coreamedia(Vancouver)for a year and a hockey columnist for The Sportsseoul & Mydaily News for past 9 years. He still serves as a reporter for the both media. Kim is also responsible for media side of hockey operation. He was hired as a scout/interpreter for the Anyang Halla Hockey Club in May, 2008. He has been responsible for the Anyang Halla imports scouting including Brock Radunske, Brad Fast, Jon Awe and Dustin Wood. On January 25, 2009, Anyang Halla beat High1 2-1 in final game of regular season, and become first non-Japanese team to clinch top spot in regular season first time in ALIH history. Due to Brad Fast's season ending surgery, Kim also recommended Dustin Wood who spent two seasons in DEL prior to the club in early 2009-2010 season. Wood was one of last two candidate for Kim, along with former NHL defenseman Jamie Heward. After the club winning the regular season back to back, on March 28, 2010, Anyang Halla became a first non-Japanese club to capture Asia League championship title, beating Nippon Paper Cranes in a dramatic fashion in Game 5, overtime. It was called the Korean version of 'Miracle on Ice' as the media considered the biggest win since the hockey was introduced to Korea since 1928. In summer of 2011, Kim recommended former NHL defenseman Ric Jackman. In July 2011, the club end of signing Jackman for 3-year deal. Kim credits former NHL forward Brett Callighen who now works as hockey agent as the reason for the success of scouting.

Career highlights & achievementsEdit

2010-2011 Asia League Champion 2009-2010 Asia League Champion 2010 Commentator of 2010 Winter Olympic hockey for SBS and SBSsports(cable) 2006-Present NHL Commentator of SBS ESPN(cable)


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