Logo SaiPa
City: Lappeenranta, Finland
League: SM-liiga
Founded: 1948 (1948)
Home Arena: Kisapuisto (capacity 4,847)
Head Coach: Flag of Finland Ari-Pekka Selin
General Manager: Flag of Finland Sami Koikkalainen

Saimaan Pallo (SaiPa) is an ice hockey team in the Finnish SM-liiga. They play their home games at Kisapuisto in Lappeenranta, Finland.


The team's best achievement is from the 1965-1966 season, when they won bronze medals for placing third. SaiPa also played in a bronze medal game in the 1998-1999 season, but lost the game to HPK, 7-2.

SaiPa has produced Seven players who have played in the NHL, Antti Aalto, Jussi Markkanen, Petteri Nokelainen, Petri Skriko, Jussi Timonen, Vesa Viitakoski and Niklas Bäckström. Markkanen is also a part owner of the club.

Current squadEdit

As of April 29, 2010:

Number Player Glove hand Contract Place of Birth
1 Flag of Finland Ville Hostikka L 2011 Lappeenranta, Finland
2 Flag of Italy Andreas Bernard L 2011 (2012) Lappeenranta, Finland
72 Flag of Finland Jere Myllyniemi L 2012 Kangasala, Finland
Number Player Lower hand Contract Place of Birth
26 Flag of Finland Joni Tuominen R 2012 Espoo, Finland
33 Flag of Sweden Daniel Sondell L 2011 Umeå, Sweden
44 Flag of Finland Jarno Lippojoki L 2011 Imatra, Finland
48 Flag of Finland Mikko Pukka L 2011 Suodenniemi, Finland
49 Flag of Finland Simon Backman L 2012 Jakobstad, Finland
51 Flag of Finland Marlo Koponen L 2012 Imatra, Finland
55 Flag of Finland Pauli Levokari L 2012 Luvia, Finland
X Flag of Finland Jere Pulli L 2014 Lappeenranta, Finland
X Flag of Sweden Per Savilahti-Nagander R 2011 (2012) Luleå, Sweden
Number Player Lower hand Contract Place of Birth
8 Flag of Finland Ville Koho L 2012 Imatra, Finland
12 Flag of Finland Tomi Leivo L 2011 Lappeenranta, Finland
13 Flag of Finland Jesse Mankinen R 2011 Lappeenranta, Finland
14 Flag of Finland Anssi Löfman L 2011 Lappeenranta, Finland
15 Flag of Finland Petri Koskinen L 2012 Tampere, Finland
18 Flag of Canada Tyler Redenbach L 2011 Melville, SK, Canada
19 Flag of Finland Juuso Kaijomaa L 2012 Joensuu, Finland
22 Flag of Canada Dale MacTavish L 2011 Eganville, ON, Canada
23 Flag of Slovakia Tomáš Jasko L 2011 Bratislava, Slovakia
39 Flag of Canada Scott Barney R 2011 Oshawa, Canada
40 Flag of Finland Jarno Koskiranta L 2012 Paimio, Finland
59 Flag of Finland Jarmo Jokila L 2012 Turku, Finland
60 Flag of Finland Tero Koskiranta L 2011 Paimio, Finland
77 Flag of Finland Elmeri Kaksonen L 2011 Savonlinna, Finland
82 Flag of Finland Joni Yli-Torkko L 2012 Lappeenranta, Finland

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