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2012-13 SM-Liiga season
SM-liiga logo
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1975
No. of teams 14
Country(ies) Flag of Finland Finland
Most recent champion(s) Ässät Pori (2012-13)
Official website

The SM-liiga is the highest professional league of ice hockey in Finland. Created in 1975 to replace the SM-sarja, that was fundamentally an amateur league, and obtained an agreement with the Finnish Ice Hockey Association, the Suomen Jääkiekkoliitto. SM stands for Suomenmestaruus (meaning "Finnish Championship").

At this time, the SM-liiga counts 14 teams and has been closed in 2000 to the normal process of promotion and relegation to avoid having teams promoted or relegated without the agreement of board of the league - this is done to ensure a high level of play in the league. The board however agreed to accept the promotion of the winner of the Mestis, Finland's second highest professional league, as long as this winner meets the standards of quality set by the SM-liiga's board.

In 2005, the board welcomed back KalPa Kuopio via promotion from the Mestis, thus being truthful to their promise of letting in teams meeting their standards of quality. The team had been relegated from the SM-liiga in 1999.


The team names are usually the traditional name of the club. All clubs are commonly known by the name of their team. Oy and Ab are short for limited company, Oyj public limited company and Ry association respectively.



Team name Club's registered name Location Home venue, capacity 2010-11 series standing (playoffs) Titles
Ässät HC Ässät Pori Oy Pori Porin jäähalli, 6,466 2nd (quarter finals) 2*
Blues Blues Hockey Oy Espoo Barona Areena, 7,017 9th (2nd) 0
HIFK Oy HIFK-Hockey Ab Helsinki Helsinki Ice Hall, 8,200 3rd (Champions) 7
HPK HPK-Edustusjääkiekko ry Hämeenlinna Patria-areena, 5,360 7th (wild card) 1
Ilves Ilves-Hockey Oy Tampere Tampereen jäähalli, 7,600 10th (quarter finals) 16
Jokerit Jokerit HC Oyj Helsinki Hartwall Areena, 13,506 6th (quarter finals) 6
JYP JYP Jyväskylä Oy Jyväskylä Synergia-areena, 4,500 1st (4th) 2
KalPa KalPa Hockey Oy Kuopio Kuopion jäähalli, 5,224 5th (quarter finals) 0
Kärpät Oulun Kärpät Oy Oulu Oulun Energia Areena, 6,768 8th (wild card) 5
Lukko Rauman Lukko Oy Rauma Kivikylän Areena, 5,400 4th (3rd) 1
Pelicans Lahden Pelicans Oy Lahti Isku Areena, 5,530 14th (did not qualify) 0
SaiPa Liiga-SaiPa Oy Lappeenranta Lappeenrannan jäähalli, 4,825 12th (did not qualify) 0
Tappara Tamhockey Oy Tampere Tampereen jäähalli, 7,600 11th (did not qualify) 15
TPS HC TPS Turku Oy Turku HK-Areena, 11,820 13th (did not qualify) 11

Past participantsEdit

Renamed, still in SM-liigaEdit

  • JyP HT and Jyp (now JYP)
  • Kiekko-Espoo (now Blues)
  • Kiekkoreipas, Hockey-Reipas, and Reipas Lahti (now Pelicans)

Relegated prior to 2000Edit

Teams relegated were relegated to second-tier Mestis in the year shown, and are there today unless noted otherwise.

Past winnersEdit

The playoff winners received the Kanada-malja (Canada Cup).

Flag of Finland
SM-Liiga winners
Season Gold Silver Bronze Reg. season champion
1975-76 TPS Turku Tappara Tampere Ässät Pori  TPS Turku
1976-77 Tappara Tampere TPS Turku KOO-VEE Tampere Tappara Tampere
1977-78 Ässät Pori Tappara Tampere TPS Turku Tappara Tampere
1978-79 Tappara Tampere Ässät Pori TPS Turku Ässät Pori
1979-80 HIFK Helsinki Ässät Pori Kärpät Oulu TPS Turku
1980-81 Kärpät Oulu Tappara Tampere TPS Turku Tappara Tampere
1981-82 Tappara Tampere TPS Turku HIFK Helsinki TPS Turku
1982-83 HIFK Helsinki Jokerit Helsinki Ilves Tampere Jokerit Helsinki
1983-84 Tappara Tampere Ässät Pori Kärpät Oulu Tappara Tampere
1984-85 Ilves Tampere TPS Turku Kärpät Oulu TPS Turku
1985-86 Tappara Tampere HIFK Helsinki Kärpät Oulu Tappara Tampere
1986-87 Tappara Tampere Kärpät Oulu HIFK Helsinki Kärpät Oulu
1987-88 Tappara Tampere Lukko Rauma HIFK Helsinki Ilves Tampere
1988-89 TPS Turku JYP Jyväskylä Ilves Tampere TPS Turku
1989-90 TPS Turku Ilves Tampere Tappara Tampere TPS Turku
1990-91 TPS Turku KalPa Kuopio HPK Hämeenlinna TPS Turku
1991-92 Jokerit Helsinki JYP Jyväskylä HIFK Helsinki JYP Jyväskylä
1992-93 TPS Turku HPK Hämeenlinna JYP Jyväskylä TPS Turku
1993-94 Jokerit Helsinki TPS Turku Lukko Rauma TPS Turku
1994-95 TPS Turku Jokerit Helsinki Ässät Pori Jokerit Helsinki
1995-96 Jokerit Helsinki TPS Turku Lukko Rauma Jokerit Helsinki
1996-97 Jokerit Helsinki TPS Turku HPK Hämeenlinna Jokerit Helsinki
1997-98 HIFK Helsinki Ilves Tampere Jokerit Helsinki TPS Turku
1998-99 TPS Turku HIFK Helsinki HPK Hämeenlinna TPS Turku
1999-00 TPS Turku Jokerit Helsinki HPK Hämeenlinna TPS Turku
2000-01 TPS Turku Tappara Tampere Ilves Tampere Jokerit Helsinki
2001-02 Jokerit Helsinki Tappara Tampere HPK Hämeenlinna Tappara Tampere
2002-03 Tappara Tampere Kärpät Oulu HPK Hämeenlinna HPK Hämeenlinna
2003-04 Kärpät Oulu TPS Turku HIFK Helsinki TPS Turku
2004-05 Kärpät Oulu Jokerit Helsinki HPK Hämeenlinna Kärpät Oulu
2005-06 HPK Hämeenlinna Ässät Pori Kärpät Oulu Kärpät Oulu
2006-07 Kärpät Oulu Jokerit Helsinki HPK Hämeenlinna Kärpät Oulu
2007-08 Kärpät Oulu Blues Espoo Tappara Tampere Kärpät Oulu
2008-09 JYP Jyväskylä Kärpät Oulu KalPa Kuopio JYP Jyväskylä
2009-10 TPS Turku HPK Hämeenlinna JYP Jyväskylä JYP Jyväskylä
2010-11 HIFK Helsinki Blues Espoo JYP Jyväskylä JYP Jyväskylä
2011-12 JYP Jyväskylä Pelicans Lahti Jokerit Helsinki KalPa Kuopio
2012-13 SM-liiga SM-liiga SM-liiga SM-liiga


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