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The Vysshaya Liga (Russian: Высшая Лига, Vysshaya Liga, Supreme League) is the second highest professional ice hockey league in Eurasia. Initially the second division of the Soviet League and then of the Russian Superleague, it is now the level below the Continental Hockey League.

No promotion or relegation occurs between the KHL and the Vysshaya Liga as was the case with the RSL and the Soviet League; however, teams from the Vysshaya Liga fulfilling criteria fixed by the KHL may become full KHL member as part of league expansion. Khimik Voskresensk and Barys Astana are two such expansion teams.


The KHL eraEdit

The creation of the KHL brought many changes to the Vysshaya Liga's structure. Parting ways with the usual East and West divisions format, the league found itself divided in 2008 into three divisions, the Central Division joining the usual two. The league now has 24 teams split between the three conferences. These compete to qualify for the playoffs, which ultimately crown a champion, the Bratina Cup winner.

The absence of promotion and relegation with the KHL leads many to believe the Vysshaya is to become a developmental league for the KHL. Already, roster limitations such as a maximum of seven players over the age of 29 per team seem to indicate such a thing. Speculations suggest the league may, like the American Hockey League is for the NHL, become a "farm league", with all of its teams farm teams of one KHL team.

Participating teamsEdit

Division Team City Arena Founded Joined
Flag of Ukraine Sokil Kyiv Flag of Kyiv Kyiv Sport Palace Kyiv 1963 2007
Flag of Russia HC Dmitrov Flag of Moscow Dmitrov Dmitrov Sport Palace 2003
Flag of Russia MHC Krylya Sovetov Flag of Moscow Moscow Soviet Wings Sport Palace 2008
Flag of Russia HC Rist Podolsk Flag of Moscow Oblast Podolsk 2008
Flag of Russia Kapitan Stupino Flag of Moscow Oblast Stupino 1999 2006
Flag of Russia Kristall Elektrostal Flag of Moscow Oblast Elektrostal Kristall Sports Palace 1949 2000
Flag of Russia HC Belgorod Flag of Belgorod Oblast Belgorod 1999 2004
Flag of Russia HC Lipetsk Flag of Lipetsk OblastLipetsk Lipetsk Palace of Sport 1966 2000
Flag of Russia HC Ryazan Flag of Ryazan Oblast Ryazan Ryazan Olympic Sports Palace 1955 2007
Flag of Russia Krylya Sovetov Moscow Flag of Moscow Moscow 1947 2008
Flag of Russia HC BMF St. Petersburg Flag of Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg 2008
Flag of Russia Titan Klin Flag of Moscow Oblast Klin Ice Palace Valery 1991 2005
Flag of Russia Ariada-Akpars Volzhsk Flag of Mari El Volzhsk Ariada Ice Palace 2003
Flag of Russia Neftyanik Almetyevsk Flag of Tatarstan Almetyevsk Yubileinyi Sports Palace 1965 2001
Flag of Russia Kristall Saratov Flag of Saratov Oblast Saratov Ice Sports Palace Saratov 1948 1998
Flag of Russia Dizel Penza Flag of Penza Oblast Penza Ice Sports Palace Penza 1955 2004
Flag of Russia Neftyanik Leninogorsk Flag of Tatarstan Leninogorsk Ice Sports Palace Leninogorsk 1965 2003
Flag of Russia Izhstal Izhevsk Flag of Udmurtia Izhevsk Sports Palace Izhstal 1949 2006
Flag of Russia Yuzhny Ural Orsk Flag of Orenburg Oblast Orsk Ice Palace Rostoshi 1996 2006
Flag of Russia Toros Neftekamsk Flag of Bashkortostan Neftekamsk Ice Palace Neftekamsk 1998 2006
Flag of Russia Molot-Prikamye Perm Flag of Perm Oblast Perm Universal Sports Palace 1948 2006
Flag of Russia Gazprom-OGU Orenburg Flag of Orenburg Oblast Orenburg Universal Sport Palace 1998 2007
Flag of Russia CSK VVS Samara Flag of Samara Oblast Samara CSK VVS Sport Palace 1950 2000
Flag of Russia Mechel Chelyabinsk Flag of Chelyabinsk Oblast Chelyabinsk Mechel Sport Palace 1948 2003
Flag of Russia Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk Flag of Khanti mansi Khanty-Mansiysk 2008
Flag of Russia Sputnik Nizhny Tagil Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast Nizhny Tagil V.K. of Sotnikova Vmest 1948 2002
Flag of Russia Gazovik Tyumen Flag of Tyumen Oblast Tyumen Sports Palace Tyumen 1995 2000
Flag of Russia Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast Yekaterinburg KRK Uralets 2006
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazzinc-Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk Flag of Ust-Kamenogorsk Öskemen, East Kaz. Commercial Center of Sport 1955 2001
Flag of Russia Ermak Angarsk Flag of Irkutsk Oblast Angarsk Ermak Stadium 1958 2007
Flag of Russia Metallurg Serov Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast Serov Metallurg Ice Palace 2004
Flag of Kazakhstan Sary-Arka Karaganda Seal of Karaganda Karagandy, Karagandy 2006 2008
Flag of Russia Zauralie Kurgan Flag of Kurgan Oblast Kurgan Mostovik 1994 2003

Past championsEdit

  • 2010 Jugra Chanty-Mansijsk
  • 2009 Jugra Chanty-Mansijsk
  • 2008 Chimik Woskressensk
  • 2007 Torpedo Nischni Nowgorod
  • 2006 HK Traktor Tscheljabinsk
  • 2005 HK MWD Twer
  • 2004 Molot-Prikamje Perm
  • 2003 Torpedo Nischni Nowgorod
  • 2002 HK Sibir Nowosibirsk
  • 2001 HK Spartak Moskau
  • 2000 Neftjanik Almetjewsk
  • 1999 Torpedo Nischni Nowgorod
  • 1998 Neftjanik Almetjewsk
HK Lipezk
  • 1997 HK ZSKA Moskau
Metschel Tscheljabinsk
  • 1996 SKA Chabarowsk
  • 1995 Neftechimik Nischnekamsk
  • 1994 ZSK WWS Samara
  • 1993 ZSK WWS Samara
  • 1992 Salawat Julajew Ufa
  • 1991 HK Lada Togliatti
  • 1990 Metallurg Tscherepowez
  • 1989 SK Uritskogo Kasan
Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk
  • 1988 SK Uritskogo Kasan
HK Sibir Nowosibirsk
  • 1987 Torpedo Jaroslawl
Ischstal Ustinow
  • 1986 Dinamo Charkow
Torpedo Togliatti
  • 1985 Salawat Julajew Ufa
  • 1984 Awtomobilist Swerdlowsk
  • 1983 HK Sibir Nowosibirsk
  • 1982 Salawat Julajew Ufa
  • 1981 Ischstal Ischewsk
  • 1980 HK Dinamo Minsk
  • 1979 Ischstal Ischewsk
  • 1978 Salawat Julajew Ufa
  • 1977 Awtomobilist Swerdlowsk
  • 1976 Kristall Saratow
  • 1975 HK Sibir Nowosibirsk
  • 1974 Kristall Saratow
  • 1973 Dinamo Riga
  • 1972 Awtomobilist Swerdlowsk
  • 1971 HK Lokomotive Moskau
  • 1970 Torpedo Minsk
  • 1969 Torpedo Jaroslawl
  • 1968 HK Traktor Tscheljabinsk
  • 1967 Spartak Swerdlowsk
  • 1966 Torpedo Minsk
Metallurg Nowokusnezk
  • 1965 Dinamo Kiew
HK Sibir Nowosibirsk
  • 1964 SKA Nowosibirsk
  • 1963 Burewestnik Pensa
  • 1962 SK Uritskogo Kasan
  • 1961 SKWO Kujbyschew
  • 1960 Metallurg Stalinsk
  • 1959 Spartak Omsk
  • 1958 LIIHT Leningrad
  • 1957 SKWO Kalinin
  • 1956 Burewestnik Tscheljabinsk
  • 1955 Spartak Swerdlowsk
  • 1954 Dinamo Nowosibirsk

Vysshaya hokkeinaya liga ChampionsEdit

  • 2010-2011 -

See alsoEdit

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