The Rudi Hiti Cup is an annual ice hockey tournament. It was founded in 1992.


Year Winner
1992 Slovenia HK Jesenice
1993 Slovenia HK Jesenice
1994 Kazakhstan Kaszink-Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk
1995 Austria EC KAC
1996 Slovenia HK Bled
1997 Austria EC KAC
1998 Austria EC KAC
1999 Austria EC KAC
2000 Slovenia HDD Olimpija Ljubljana
2001 Russia HK ZSKA Moskau
2002 Slovenia HDD Olimpija Ljubljana
2003 Austria EC KAC
2004 Slovenia HDD Olimpija Ljubljana
2005 Slovenia HK Jesenice
2006 Slovenia HK Jesenice
2007 FranceDiables Rouges de Briançon
2008 Austria EC VSV
2009 Slovenia HK Jesenice
2010 Austria EC VSV

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