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Organization Royal Belgian Ice Hockey Federation
Joined IIHF 1912
President Pascal Nuchelmans
IIHF Men's Ranking 34
IIHF Women's Ranking 24

The Royal Belgian Ice Hockey Federation (RBIHF) is the Belgian ice hockey federation, known in Dutch as the Koninklijke Belgische IJshockey Federatie (KBIJF) and in French as the Fédération Royale Belge de Hockey sur Glace (FRBHG). It is responsible for administering ice hockey in Belgium, from the national team to the local leagues to youth development.

History Edit

The Royal Belgian Ice Hockey Federation was formed in 1912 by Henry Van den Bulck. He became its first president remained in the position until 1920. It was known as the Belgian Ice Hockey Federation until 1973 when the Royal prefix was added to the name.

List of Presidents Edit

President Took office Left office
Henri Van den Bulcke 1912 1920
Paul Loicq 1920 1935
Paul De Schrijver 1935 1936
Jean Loicq 1936 1936
Paul De Schrijver 1936 1937
Henry Matthyssens 1937 1939
Paul De Weerdt 1939 1945
Gusty De Backer 1945 1949
Carlos Van den Driessche 1949 1951
Albert Delrez 1951 1953
Carlos Van den Driessche 1953 1955
Axel Janssen 1955 1959
Jimmy Greaffe 1959 1960
Carlos Van den Driessche 1960 1965
Paul Schwegerynen 1965 1972
Emile Delvignette 1972 1980
Adolf Cuypers 1980 1991
Chris Clement 1991 2008
Pascal Nuchelmans 2008 -

Leagues and levels Edit

The following leagues exist in Belgium:

  • Belgian Cup
  • Belgian Championship
  • Belgian National League
  • Under 20
  • Under 20 CLL
  • Under 17
  • Under 15
  • Under 13
  • Under 11
  • Recreational 1
  • Recreational 2
  • Recreational 3

The RBIHF also organises friendlies.

National teams Edit

Belgium has 5 national ice hockey teams:

  • Senior Team
  • Under 20
  • Under 18
  • Under 16
  • Women's National Team

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