The Rosetown Redwings are a Senior B team in Rosetown, Saskatchewan. Over the years they have played at various levels of senior and intermediate hockey. As of the 2014-15 hockey season, the team is the only registered AAA Senior team in the province and advance to the Rathgaber Cup to play the only Allan Cup eligble team from Manitoba, the South East Prairie Thunder for the right to advance to the 2015 Allan Cup.

Championships wonEdit

Edmonton Journal TrophyEdit

Western Canada Intermediate title

Saskatchewan Intermediate ChampionsEdit

  • 1936-37
  • 1937-38

Laurence Sluser ShieldEdit

Saskatchewan Intermediate A Champions

  • 1970-71
  • 1971-72
  • 1972-73
  • 1973-74
  • 1981-82

List of Henderson Cup ChampionsEdit

Saskatchewan Senior A champions

  • 1969-70
  • 1974-75

List of Yorkton Terrier Trophy ChampionsEdit

Saskatchewan Senior B champions

  • 1976-77
  • 1977-78
  • 1978-79
  • 2010-11

Saskatchewan Senior AAA

  • 2011-12
  • 2012-13

Allan Cup Finalist 2011-12

Rathgaber Cup Chamions 2012-13

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