Rodrigue Joseph Lorrain (July 26, 1914 – October 22, 1980) was a professional ice hockey right wing who played 179 games in the National Hockey League. Born in Buckingham, Quebec, he played for the Montreal Canadiens.

He played for the Hull-Lasalle juniors in the Ottawa City Junior League from 1932 to 1934 and then joined th Ottawa Senators in 1934-35. The Canadiens called him up for a one game trial in 1935-36 and then he became a regular in 1936-37. Lorrain stayed with the team through the 1939-40 season as a solid, if unheralded, two-way player.

In 1940-41 he played for the powerful intermediate team from St. Jerome, Quebec. He earned a four game callup with the Canadiens in 1941-42 but played senior hockey in 1943-44 (with the University of Montreal) and 1944-45 (with the Hull Volants) and retired in 1945.

In the NHL he played in 179 games (all with the Canadiens) and scored 28 goals and 39 assists.

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