Rod Bryden is a prominent Ottawa business executive. He is best known as the owner of the Ottawa Senators National Hockey League team from 1992 until 2003. Outside of hockey, his career has included founding or leading several of Canada's leading companies.

In 1992, Bryden became CEO of Terrace Corporation, the principal owner of the Ottawa Senators. In 1993, he became Chairman and Governor of the Club. In 1994, construction on the Palladium arena (later the Corel Centre and now Scotiabank Place) was begun by the Palladium Corporation, of which Bryden was the owner and chairman. The arena opened in 1996.

Late in 2004, Bryden avoided personal bankruptcy, brought on by $100 million of debt personally owed to creditors and investors of the Ottawa Senators franchise. Bryden agreed to pay creditors a total of $600,000 on the debt, which was induced by high player salaries and unfavourable exchange rates.

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