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For other cities named Rochester, please see Rochester

Rochester, New York Flag

This city's flag.

Rochester is a city of the state of New York, United States.

Rochester has hosted the following:

1957 and 2000 AHL All-Star Games

Atlantic Hockey men's tournament from 2007-

2007 NCAA Men's Division I Ice Hockey East Regional

2 regular season Buffalo Sabres games: November 12, 2003 and October 26, 2005.


  • Blue Cross Arena (1951-Present) formally known as The Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial 'since reconstruction' in 1998 previously known as Rochester Community War Memorial
  • Edgerton Park Arena (built in 1892, artificial ice system installed in 1935)
  • Frank Ritter Memorial Ice Arena (RIT Tigers) (1968-Present)
  • Sports Centre at MCC (Nazareth Golden Flyers) (1998-Present) formerly known as ESL Sports Centre until 1999
  • Manhattan Square Park Ice Rink
  • Genesee Valley Park Ice Rink
  • Bill Gray's Regional Iceples
  • Shumway Arena
  • Lakeshore Hockey Arena


  1. (Northern States Junior Hockey League, 2014-2014) league renamed NA3HL
  2. (North American 3 Eastern Hockey League, 2014-Present)
  1. Rochester Jr. Americans
  2. (North American Hockey League, 1999-2000)
  3. (United States Premier Hockey League-Premier, 2014-Present)
  4. (United States Premier Hockey League-Empire, 2014-Present)
  5. (United States Premier Hockey League-Elite, 2015-Present)
  1. (Eastern Junior Hockey League, 2010-2013) join USPHL-Premier
  2. United States Premier Hockey League-Premier, 2013-2014) join USPHL-Premier as Jr Americans




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